• Evaluation Outcome Report 

      Seter, Hanne; Arnesen, Petter (NordicWAy;2017/M30_NO4, Report, 2017-12)
    • RSI-projektet, Volvo Cars bidrag 

      Israelsson, Erik (Report, 2015-06)
      Volvo Cars arbete har genomförts i två parallella externt (del-)finansierade projekt med tydliga synergier. Den större delen av arbetet (>50%) har finansierats av Volvo Cars egna FU-budget (förutveckling). Volvo Cars ...
    • Standardized messages in C-ITS - The CAN and DENM standards 

      Skjermo, Jo; Dahl, Erlend; Foss, Trond (Report, 2016-04)
      This memo summarizes the Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) and Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM) message format for C-ITS. CAM and DENM are standardized by ETSI in ETSI EN 302 637-2 (v.1.3.2 used ...
    • Using C-ITS on road status information in winter maintenance operations 

      Lervåg, Lone-Eirin; Levin, Tomas; Storsæter, Ane Dalsnes (Student paper, others, 2016-06)
      This paper presents a Norwegian pilot on the use of a cooperative ITS (C-ITS) service for road status information data in winter maintenance operations. Approximately 500 ordinary production Volvo vehicles are used as a ...